Body - How to Make Exercise a Habit That Sticks

Is your workout motivation at an all-time low?

Follow Amalfii’s Work Out Tips that will forever change your view on working out and staying healthy.


1. Create a Specific Goal

With a specific goal in mind, you can’t help but stay motivated to work out.
Use SMART Goals to create something concrete.
S- Specific M- Measurable A- Achievable R- Relevant T- Time Bound


2. Create a Plan

Hold yourself accountable and stray away from decision fatigue. You will complete a workout if you have it scheduled in your planner.

Amalfii’s Favorite Fitness Planners


3. Surround Yourself with Inspiration 

Curate your social media feed by following work out and health accounts.
It’s a great way for you to get motivated though out your day.
Check out some of our favorites!

Emily Mariko 


4. Look Good and Feel Great!

Purchase work out gear that will motivate you to work out.

Amalfii’s Favorite Black Owned Work Out Clothing Brands