What is wellness?

Wellness has been such a buzzword, thanks to Gwenyth and her army of perky, often wealthy cohorts, preaching the benefits of all natural cleaning supplies and organic wine. But what does it really mean? Is it just another marketing term to sell repackaged goods we already own? And is it accessible? 

Wellness has come to mean a certain lifestyle- one of morning Pilates and hours in the sauna. It seems to be a rejection of “hustle culture” that dominated the 2010’s, which ascribed to the idea of little time off to accumulate wealth. Perhaps the collective realized they weren’t having fun anymore, but the four am wake up routines have largely been replaced with long meditations and green juice. However, both have something in common- wealth. 

For many, it’s not even remotely attainable to regularly spend time practicing lavish self care, or even eating thoughtfully prepared meals. This has left many feel like the aspirational lifestyle needed to be “well” is just that- merely aspirational. However, we want to change that.

We believe in wellness for all, from the four year old girl learning about moderating her feelings to the 80 year old man going on daily walks. We believe wellness is not an expansive lifestyle, but a series of small choices anyone can make to be better than they were. These choices can be as big or small as you are ready for. The key to them, in the end, is the intention. As long as you choose your health, your growth, and your wellbeing, it sounds like wellness to us.