1. Create a simple morning routine

     Amalfii’s Morning Routine:

    • Stretch
    • Meditate
    • Prayer
    • Skin Care Routine
    • Morning Work Out
    • Shower
    • Makeup Routine
    • Breakfast
    • Coffee Run


    2. Read Consistently

    Amalfii’s Book Recommendations

    • The Alchemist
    • The Art of Communication
    • The Body Keeps the Score 


    3.  Limit your screen Time

    Amalfii’s Tips

    • Set up screen time for yourself on your iPhone
      Settings > Screen Time
      Tap Downtime, then turn on Downtime
      Select Every day or Customize Days, then set the start and end times.
      • Do not use technology before bed.
      • Engage in digital detoxes
      • Take social media breaks occasionally


      4. Journal

      Journaling can lead to self discovery, self love, and motivation.

      • Amalfii’s Favorite Journaling Prompts:
      • What do you value most about today?
      • What do you want to focus on this Year/Month/Week?


      5. Mindful Eating

      Mindful Eating Vs. Mindless Eating

      Mindful Eating:

      • Listen to your body and stopping when you’re full.
      • Eating when our bodies tell us to eat (Energy is low, stomach is growling)
      • Eating foods that are nutritionally health
      • Considering where the food comes from.