There are an overwhelming amount of crystals that have the ability to heal your mind, body and soul. Today we are highlighting a few of our favorites!

Crystals have potent healing powers, when we touch them healing is immediately activated. The vibration of the crystals coexist with our natural energetic frequency, the body is left feeling focused, relaxed, and clear.

Find the right crystal for your mind, body and soul…

Jasper— “The Empowering”
Jasper is known to empower the spirit and support you through times of stress by encouraging you to fully show up for yourself. It absorbs negative energy while promoting confidence, courage, and quick thinking. This smooth crystal can be most helpful when tackling important issues.

Obsidian— “The Protection”
Obsidian is an earth-stone, activating the root chakra and grounding you in your connection to the Earth. Obsidian acts like a shield against physical and emotional negativity, helping you get rid of emotional blockage. Not only does obsidian protect you spiritually, but aids your physical body. This crystal helps reduce pain, cramps, and helps detoxify.

Amethyst— “The Peace”
Amethyst is known to be purifying, healing and protective. This crystal enhances intuition, spirituality, and meditation radiating tranquility. Place under your pillow for peaceful sleep and prophetic dreams.

Citrine— “The Optimism”
Add joy, wonder and enthusiasm to your life with citrine. Citrine is known to absorb negative energy and replace fear with optimism, warmth and motivation. Citrine attracts financial abundance and guides one to their goals opening lanes of creativity and concentration.

Rose Quartz— “The Love”
The stone all about love. Rose quartz works to restore trust and harmony in relationships improving close connections with others and one self. Rose quartz channels inner confidence encouraging self love, respect, and empathy.

To obtain the qualities these stones have to offer, it is important to practice mindfulness, reflection, and acceptance. Now choose a crystal that resonates with you and set your intention!