Lifestyle: A Girl Boss Edition

Lifestyle: A Girl Boss Edition

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to juggle trying to be the best sister, aunt, daughter, best friend, girlfriend, while attending college, and balance my 9-5, while working as a fashionista 24/7. And then I realize the answer couldn’t be simpler: I love what I do. I’d go to circus college if it meant I got to juggle like this forever.
Above are some of my favorite tools for productivity. Just add a healthy meal, bad a**  hip hop playlist and I'm unstoppable! Is it surprising that I run my whole business on practically those things alone? (Jokes aside) It's hard work learning how to run my own business, but I'm living the dream now + it started with a simple question: "What if?" Well, first it started with realizing I can make a career by using my communications degree and creative drive for producing fashion and lifestyle content with the help of my friends and my creative direction, but let's backtrack a little.
I’m Mahali, and I am a lifestyle content creator. I started my creative journey  because my two favorite things in life growing up were reading magazines and putting unique outfits together. Long story short, I was inspired by the beauty in fashion and the thought of being apart of a fashion community. Thankfully enough, I’ve been fortunate to work at fashion shows like, LA fashion week and The Oscars fashion show as a dresser, social media creator and front of house representative but, what I wear is what  really makes attending those events that much more fun. Which brings me to my next thought…
Whether i’m working from home, helping put together a fashion show, attending meetings or organizing/modeling photo shoots, nothing stops me from getting it done when i’m feeling and looking my best. A good outfit goes a long way and that’s why I am so happy with these motorcycle leggings from Amalfii. I love the soft fabric and flexibility it gives my legs so I can catwalk and occasionally run in my heels when I need to. (I don’t suggest the running in heels part, but let’s be honest, we’ve all been there) What's even more amazing is that these pair of leggings are in the color oatmeal so mixing and matching outfits could not be even more easier. It’s super easy to dress up and dress down. One of my favorite ways to pair these is with a black blazer and a heel that says I mean business.
How would you style these cotton stretch motorcycle leggings? Share with us on social media using #amalfiiapproved and don’t forget to tag @shopamalfii. Use “Ayesha20” at checkout to receive 20% off your order for all your favorites.
Ayesha Mahali
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