Style 101: Inspired Films

Style 101: Inspired Films

Here’s a clue.. What’s one of the 90’s romance/comedy films based on two best friends (*wink wink, Cher & Dionne) who live in Beverly hills, wore an iconic yellow plaid blazer and skirt, while introduced to our young hearts phrases like, “as if” and has inspired some of our series 02 collection? Ok, maybe more than one clue....BUT, you guessed it right Amalfii babe, the film “Clueless”. No matter how many years have gone by, 22 to be exact! The 1995 comedy teen movie has always managed to remain relevant to this time of age when it comes to fashion and some of our favorite type of comedy drama. And while there’s so much to love about “Clueless” , here at the Amalfii HQ, we are obsessed with the fashion. Who would had not love to have that awesome computer system Cher used to put together an outfit? Talk about personal stylist. But no worries babes, we love you all so much we brought the closet to you.

Pictured above, is our Amalfii babe, Ayesha Mahali wearing our clueless inspired trouser. This plaid high waisted black and grey colored trouser is a classic and timeless piece. It has a light weight belt that camouflages perfectly and that would comfortably hug your waist. It’s length is above the ankle to give you a classy and chic look. So whether you’re channeling some of our favorite 90’s looks or decide to wear these trousers to spice up your office game look, we are all here for it.

Our Amalfii babe used a yellow bold crop top with an artsy school cardigan and accessorized with a classic beret and black plain slip on shoes. How would you style our classy trousers?

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Ayesha Mahali
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