The Little Blue Jean That's Anything but Ordinary

The Little Blue Jean That's Anything but Ordinary


There is no doubt that denim is a staple piece to any female's wardrobe. When people are shopping for their jeans there are a few thoughts that might cross their mind: comfort, style and fit. Amalfii, fashion’s new European street style for the everyday modern muse highlights on all three key elements for the perfect pair of jeans.



1. Comfort: with an elastic waist band, who needs zippers anyways?
             *With fabric so soft, super stretchy and flexible, your legs cry for help end here.
2 .Style: A dark blue color that never fades, with side colored stripes adding a long dimension of length to your legs puts it above your regular skinny jean.
3. Fit: With sizes ranging from small to large, these denim knits are designed to hug your waist and love your hips.


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Ayesha Mahali

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