Creatively curated in Los Angeles, CA…

“Amalfii”, was born off the idea that women can be classy, effortless and minimalistic- but still conveying European, street edge. The “Amalfii” woman is a complex combination of things. She can be moody, yet calm and collected. She dresses how she feels in the moment and isn't restricted to what is the “hottest” or “latest trend” of the moment. She dresses every morning for HER, with zero apologies.

So this is for YOU - The “modern muse..."

Here at Amalfii - contemporary fashion for women, we don't have “seasons," (nor do we believe you can’t wear white after labor day). Like you, We do what we please. There are no rules here: no  "spring/summer” or “fall/winter”. We create SERIES! Each and every series will be different than the one prior. Each series will tell it’s own individual story. The one thing that each series will share however, is the fact that these articles of clothing will be timeless and will stand the test of time in your wardrobe.

We hope you enjoy each series as much as we enjoy creating them for you.