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Amalfii connects minimalism & intentionality for everyday wear

Our Story

About Us

The Los Angeles based brand was curated from owner’s Vashti personal style— minimalistic, conscious, and purposeful. With pieces made to last, Amalfii is prideful in their sustainable practices and ethical efforts— sourcing fabrics made in Los Angeles and multipurpose garments that outlast any trend!

Amalfii transcends emotions through their collections and promotes a healthy/balanced lifestyle focusing on the mind, body and soul. Feel the love, light and empowerment transcend through each piece.

Our Mission

Amalfii’s focus is to transcend emotions through each collection. Not only promoting minimalism, but a balanced lifestyle focusing on the mind, body and soul. Feel the love, light and empowerment emulate through each piece. Minimalism is about intentionality not deprivation.

"The universe is based on fair exchange. What you give you will get.

The art of


There's a lot of beautiful conversations within our generation surrounding sustainability.

Now more than ever we as a collective are waking up and understanding the concequences of our actions to the Earth. We have seen in real time what happens by making even the simplist changes to our daily habits & routines. Maybe in your own life you are doing your part by bringing your tote to whole foods & opting out of paper bags at the checkout, or choosing to go with clean products in the beauty sector. Whatever choices you've adaped, Mother Earth THANKS YOU! We at Amalfii are here to offer an additional tool that would make her smile as well, the art oF "CONCIOUS CONSUMPTION"

"Buying less, and wearing often"

Amalfii's brand roots are seeded from Minimalism & grounded in Concious consumption. "Buying less, and wearing often" is why we choose to not partiipate in industry standards of dropping collections every season. Truly because, there is never a need to consume OR produce at that fast of a rate. Studies show, the average fashion consumer throws away about 80lbs of clothing a year, and that's on the lighter end of the specturm. That would mean most people wear only 20% of their actual woredrobe ( YIKES- right?!) . As minimalist, we find that having elevated staples made to last in color palates that are interchangable have not only made our mornings more efficent- but also found that we consume far less unnecessary items per year. The art of miimalism is not only chic, but good for the planet.